What is your favourite toy and why?
Balls of all shapes and sizes, ideally being thrown to me a thousand times a day!

How does it feel to be the most desirable pet on earth?

I’ve known it for quite some time now given the constant adoration I receive from my humans, but it’s great to get outside recognition for my awesomeness!

What is the funniest thing you have ever done?

My family always laugh when I sit on a human chair just like a human resting my front leg on the arm. 

What is the naughtiest thing you have ever done?

When I was a puppy, I dug up Mum and Dad’s bed. Made a huge hole in the mattress…. Oops

If you could be anything or anyone in the world who or what would that be and why?

I’d still be me! I’m happy all the time and have the best family who love me. Why would I want to be anything or anyone else?

Who is your favourite family member and why?

Mum! She takes me on great bushwalks most days or the dog park. She makes sure I’m fed and have clean water. But most of all, she’s with me most of the time and gives the best cuddles.

If you could be granted three wishes, what they be?

  1. A constant supply of birds to chase.
  2. Someone throwing a ball to me whenever I feel like it for as long as I feel like.
  3. A human bed to sleep on each night. I have a lovely dog bed, but I think I should have my own bed like my humans.

Who or what inspires you?

One day I’ll catch a bird!

If you won lotto, how would you spend the money?

I’d give it to Dad so he didn’t have to go to work and could play with me all day.

What did you last dream about?

Birds, birds and more birds!

What do you think your human family members dream about?


If you were to write a reference for your human parents what would it say?

Thank you for loving me so much! 

What would your autobiography be called?

The life and times of Holly the bird chaser.

Where is your favourite place to sleep?

Mum and Dad’s bed or the new lounge.

What’s your favourite thing to do when the rest of the family is asleep?


You’re home alone. What’s the first thing you do?

Jump on Mum and Dad’s bed if the door to the bedrooms is open!

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