‘Pet Rock’ is a tribute to the awesome pets that are owned and loved by so many.  Our pets play such an important part in our lives and they each have their own unique personality.

This project began as a series of images that were created when three areas of passion came together : photography, music and animals. The objective of this project is to capture the energy, drama, colour and vibrancy evident in live music performance, and apply this to animals in a unique way. For those who would like to take part in this project, we ask the owner of each pet to provide the name of and some lyrics from a song, that they feel describes their pet's personality.

The 'Pet Rock' project has now evolved into more than just an image. It is the opportunity for your pet to 'speak' by having you answer a few questions on their behalf. This is their opportunity to tell the world how and why they are unique, and in turn why they are so special to you.

Below is a series of questions that we would like to ask your pet. You don't need to answer them all - just answer the ones you feel are relevant and in doing so, please have fun!

Your Pet
Song & Lyrics
Do you have a question you would like to ask your Pet?