The whole experience was amazing. First of all the quality of work and photos that Peter captured were phenomenal, they really captured Floki’s best features and showed many different sides of his personality, he was patient and caring throughout the whole shoot. On top of that, we bought along a foster we were looking after, Margot, whom Peter offered to include in the photoshoot no issues whatsoever, and even when she became upset because Floki was in the next room, Peter allowed us as much time as we needed and helped to get them settled. On a personal level Peter was a pleasure to get to know, and obviously loves animals, he is involved in some fantastic charity work, took a personal interest in our lives and would frequently ask after Margot to see how her adoption process was coming along. We will certainly recommend him to our friends and family, and would happily vouch for him to anyone looking for a photographer. I can not speak highly enough of Tame &Wild Studio.

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