Lost but Found by Peter Sharp is an incredible compilation of 40 dogs who have been lost then found thanks to Sydney Dogs and Cats Home.

This book is a gorgeous little package for readers — small, glossy and packed with stories of so many different types of dogs who have experienced different beginnings, and a resulting adoption.

Another day, another dog book that’s made me tear up on public transport.

This book sheds a light on the importance of finding the right dog for your family environment, and it encourages people to adopt rather than buy new puppies. There are so many dogs that need loving homes — of all ages — and they’re all worth a chance.

The book features full-page, high-res images of each dog and most entries also feature some candids photos of the dog since being adopted by its new owner.

Most of these dogs had horrible starts. They were abandoned, left behind or found in terrible conditions in dense bushland. But the entries shy away from focusing too heavily on the dog’s earlier state, and instead spends more of the page real estate talking about their adoption.

Each dog’s present owner has written a first-person reflection on what it was like to adopt their dog, and it’s a really beautiful and tender addition to each entry.

Recommended for dog lovers, and adults who have adopted or rescued dogs. A heartfelt and heartwarming compilation of really beautiful adoption stories.

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