This book is cute, and sad, and uplifting and will make you want a dog. Even if you are a cat person. It will tug on those heart strings and have you browsing the website of your local shelter wondering who could be YOUR ‘Found’ pound puppy. There are so many just waiting to be loved.

It tells the stories of 40 dogs that ended up in the care of Sydney’s Dogs & Cats Home. Some of these dogs were in pitiful condition but with the care, attention and love of staff and volunteers at the home, each found their way into loving arms. Some really heartwarming stories here.

This little book is great incentive to find your new family member at a shelter, and give a dog a second chance. The photos will have you attached in no time so good luck to you if you, like me, are not in a position to adopt a pet. Because the lack of dog in your life will be a gaping hole after flicking through this book.

All royalties from the sale of this book will go towards the home, as well, so that’s a fantastic way to contribute, and you end up with this gorgeous reminder of how furry friends can enrich our lives.

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