Which Celebrity Pet Are You?

Which Celebrity Pet Are You?


When alone you like to...?

If you could attend only one event in your lifetime which one would you go to?

What's your favourite colour?

What is your preferred movie?

What is your idea of the perfect holiday?

What is your Social Media platform of choice?

What's your idea of the perfect meal?

How would you describe your personality?

What type of books do you read?

What is your drink of choice?

Which Celebrity Pet Are You?
You are Sunny, Barack Obama’s Portuguese Water Dog

You are classy and refined in an understated kind of way but with the tiniest bit of 'hood' in you that makes you highly relatable. When you speak you speak with meaning and people always stop to listen. You are extremely well connected with friends worldwide across all different backgrounds. You are just as comfortable in the company of royalty as you are with the mums on the PTA. You dress with style and class and while you do enjoy fine dining you also look forward to the occasional pizza in front of the TV. You love to watch movies and you're and avid a lounge chair film critic. You strongly believe that orange is definitely NOT the new black!
You are Choupette, Karl Lagerfeld's Red Point Birman Cat

You were born into a first class lifestyle and have only ever experienced the very best of everything. Caviar and Champers is your meal of choice and you firmly believe can never have too many diamond encrusted items. You wear only designer collars and only ever once... (Who would be seen dead in the same collar twice!) and you'd rather die than mingle with the masses. You never go anywhere without your black sunglasses, 20 personal assistants and starch. In your downtime you enjoy dodging tofu pies and lounging around on fake fur draped chaises.
You are Bubba Sue, Miley Cyrus's Pig

You are completely comfortable in your own skin and love to put yourself out there to show the world exactly who you are. You do not seek out controversy but when it finds you (and it always does) you own it and run with it. You'll try anything once and will push the boundaries of society norms consistently. You love to entertain and show off your numerous party tricks and will get along with anyone who has a sense of humour. You'll eat, drink and inhale just about anything and your absolute favourite thing to do is sing Dolly Parton songs at the top of your lungs in the shower.
You are Tonky, Reese Witherspoon's Donkey

You are a unique style and personality of your very own... You try to be classy and elegant but never quite pull it off due to your squeaky voice and chronic social awkwardness. You are a quiet achiever who loves to make new friends and you always strive to do your very best in all that you do. You maintain a clean cut, donkey-next-door image and will proudly tell anyone that will listen that you are a 'good southern donkey with good southern values'. Your favourite colour is pink and you love nothing better than hanging out with your twin donkey, Honkey.
You are Coco Chanel, Tori Spelling's Chicken

You are a star epitomised. You love the Hollywood lifestyle and embrace all that glitters. You are always looking for ways to improve yourself and your lifestyle and will be the first to jump on the bandwagon of any new trend or fad. You have a lot of connections around town and love to socialise. When you are not rubbing shoulders with Hollywood elite, you are shopping for the latest styles or drinking Kale smoothies at your favourite spa. You love to write love stories and film scripts in your spare time and have been known to use the term 'don't you know who I am' more than a few times... A day!

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