Capturing the unique personalities of your beloved dog, cat, bird, pet, reptile, etc, etc and turning the beautiful images into works of art.

Pet Photography Sydney


We are really excited to announce that from April to August 2024 Peter will be exhibiting work at a SECRET LOCATION in Barangaroo, Sydney.

ANIMA will showcase large-format fine art photographic artwork from one of Peter's ongoing personal projects.

A portion of the proceeds from all sales will go to our partners at Sydney Dogs & Cats Home, Sydney Wildlife Rescue & Wild2Free Kangaroo Sanctuary 🐶😺🐨🦘.

Private Viewings are available by appointment....

Pet Photography Sydney | Cat Photography Sydney


Our Dog, Cat & Pet Photography Sydney Experience is Tame & Wild's speciality! Together we plan, shoot and show you how to display unforgettable memories of your favourite pets and animals. 

As Sydney's leading Pet Photographer, Tame & Wild embodies a deep passion for both art and animals. Our mission is to capture the unique personality behind every pet, transforming their essence into stunning conversation pieces that will leave you and your guests smiling.

At Pet Photography Sydney by Tame & Wild, we understand that each animal has its own story to tell. Whether it's the playful antics of a mischievous puppy or the serene grace of an elegant cat, our skilled photographers are dedicated to highlighting these special traits through breathtaking images. We combine artistic vision with technical expertise to create portraits that not only showcase your pet’s beauty but also evoke emotion and joy.

Our experience is SO MUCH MORE than simply taking photos ... our gorgeous furry, feathered and sometimes scaly family members are only with us for a short time. So we want to ensure we carefully capture and craft works of art designed to be cherished forever. 

Choosing our leading Dog Photography, Cat Photography and Pet Photography Sydney means entrusting us with creating timeless memories of your beloved
pets. With our commitment to excellence and genuine love for animals at heart, we're here to ensure those precious moments are beautifully preserved for years to come. Book a session today with Tame & Wild – where every animal has a unique story to tell!


As Sydney's leading Pet Photographer, Tame & Wild at its core, is about a love for art AND a love for animals. We love to capture the personality behind pets and animals to create conversation pieces that leave you and your guests smiling.

Waldo, the Wombat | Pet Photography Sydney
Pet Photography Sydney

SUPPORTING people and organisations caring for ANIMALS in NEED

Philanthropy is a core value at Tame & Wild | Pet Photography Sydney. This is why we’re on a mission to support people and organisations caring for animals in need.

We are honoured to be actively involved in several animal-related organisations, proud that our pet photography Sydney and involvement can help raise awareness and funds for these important causes!

Animal & Pet Photography for ADVERTISING & MARKETING


Are you in the animal business? Or are you in a business that needs animals?

Tame & Wild can help you hit those marketing targets by giving your latest campaign the pulling power that only animals can deliver.

Lyka | Pet Photography Sydney


STRAIGHT from the HORSE'S mouth

Emma | Alfie

We couldn’t recommend Peter and his Studio more highly. After having our family dog pass away late last year, we knew that we had to capture some precious photos of our beloved pup Alfie. Peter was warm and accommodating and made our anxious and shy dog come out of his shell and find comfort in front of the camera.

On attending the photo viewing session, we were delighted with the photos taken and couldn’t pick which one to order…so we got 5! The acrylic prints are a beautiful addition to our family home and get lots of comments and praise from family and friends.

Thanks again, Peter, for making this experience a very pleasant one. We will treasure these photos for a long time to come.


Alfie, the Miniature Groodle | Pet Photography Sydney
Cooper the Domestic Short Hair Cat | Pet Photography Sydney | Cat Photography Sydney

Felicia | Nala & Cooper

We loved every moment of our experience with Peter at Tame & Wild. Peter was so informative and helpful even before we turned up in figuring out multi-pet shoot logistics - and brought out the best in both our outgoing camera-loving cat and our shyer senior greyhound on the day.

The Viewing Session was surprisingly moving and emotional - as we got to see our fur babies on the big screen, with their personalities on display, and it was so hard to narrow down to a few pieces. Peter was so helpful when it came to choosing, and now they are proudly displayed at home. I am so glad we will have them to enjoy for years to come.

Thanks so much, Peter, and I think this will be a rite of passage for all our future pets too!



The Endearing Charm of Handwritten Greeting Cards

In an era dominated by digital communication, the significance of a handwritten greeting card cannot be overstated. It carries a personal touch, showcasing thoughtfulness and effort. The act of writing by hand conveys a deeper connection and genuine care, transcending the quick and impersonal nature of electronic messages. 

Connection is a quality we value highly here at Tame & Wild, and this is why we have a range of more than 30 greeting cards featuring a variety of animals and messages. Whether it be an upcoming birthday, the passing of a much-loved family member (either human or animal), or just because you need to tell someone special how awesome they are, we have a card for you.

Part proceeds from the sales of all cards go to the wonderful teams at Sydney Dogs & Cats Home, Sydney Wildlife Rescue and Wild2Free Kangaroo Sanctuary.


⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

"You don’t have to be a dog lover to enjoy this gorgeous book. The 40 dogs featured all have a story, each one different and interesting, of how they came to the home, the search for their owners and the story of how their new adoptive owners came to the shelter and found them. There is a follow-up with each dog’s new owners saying how they are getting on with cute details about their antics and bonding.
The parts of the book I really loved were the interviews with the dogs, which were quite often funny. Each dog has a photo shoot with Peter Sharp. I can see why Peter is revered as a pet photographer. The photos are cute, charming and funny and show off each dog’s personality."

Lost but Found - Rescue Dogs and their Stories of Adoption | Pet Photography Sydney

Capture the Unconditional Love of Our Furry Friends

Our beloved cats, dogs and furry (and sometimes scaly) companions bring immense joy and our lives. They are more than just pets – they are family members, confidants and loyal friends. And their time with with us is so so fleeting.

That's why Pet Photography Sydney is so crucial in capturing the story of our pets, preserving precious memories and celebrating the unconditional love they bring to our lives.

Preserving Memories, One Paw at a Time

Our pets grow up and eventually leave us, but the memories we create with them will never fade. Pet Photography Sydney beautifully captures the quirks and beauty of our furry friends, preserving their unique spirit and energy. A single photograph of emotions, transporting us back in time to when our pet was by our side, full of life and energy.

Celebrate the Human-Animal Bond

The bond between humans unlike any other. It's a connection built on trust, loyalty and unconditional love. Pet Photography Sydney honours this bond, highlighting the unique personalities of our pets and the special relationships we share with them. By capturing these little personalities we're reminded of the importance of cherishing every second with our pets, no matter how big or small.

More Than Just a Pet Photo Shoot

A Pet Photography Sydney Portrait Shoot is an experience that celebrates the love and connection we share with our pets. It creates new memories of laugh, of play and the unique personalities of our furry friends. The resulting photographs become treasured keepsakes, reminding us of the joy, comfort and companionship our pets bring lives.

Capturing the Essence of Pets

Pet Photography Sydney is not just about taking pictures – it's about essence of our pets. It's about distilling their unique spirit, personality and charm into a single photograph that speaks to playful, tender or mischievous magic of our pets, preserving their memory for generations to come.

In the end, Pet Photography Sydney is a celebration love and the unbreakable bond between humans and animals - dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and everything in between.


In the studio, out in the wild and so much more. Pet Photography Sydney.