Purr-fect Cor-paw-rate Photography

Are you in the animal business? Or are you in a business that needs animals?

Tame & Wild can help you hit those marketing targets by giving your latest campaign the pulling power that only animals can deliver.

With our broad network and vast experience photographing domestic pets and wildlife, Tame & Wild can help you source talent to create custom-designed jobs to suit your brief.

We have worked with a variety of clients, from small businesses to global corporations, and we would be happy to develop a package to suit your style and budget without compromising on quality.

On location or in a Studio, Tame & Wild is ready to work on your next marketing campaign.

All packages include high resolution, retouched, licensed images.

Pet Barn | Lifes a Treat Campaign
Pet Circle Pet Better Campaign
Pet Circle Pet Better Campaign

Our previous clients include:

🐾 Pet Circle

🐾 Virgin Australia

🐾 Pet Stock

🐾 Amazon Australia

🐾 Petbarn

🐾 BuggyBlend

🐾 Catexplorer

🐾 Hails Pooch Sitting

🐾 Unleashed Dog Grocer

🐾 Overthe Moo

🐾 Lyka

🐾 Addiction Food

Lyka Pet Food
Pet Circle Howl Yes Dog Food Packaging by Peter Sharp Tame & Wild
Lyka Pet Food
Pet Circle Pet Better Campaign
Pet Circle Pet Better Campaign


STRAIGHT from the HORSE'S mouth

Max the Cattledog BuggyBlend

Shaun | Buggy Blend & Buggy Bix

We engaged Peter at Tame & Wild to assist take photos for our new BuggyBlend product packaging. He has a brilliant way with animals (and people), making all feel welcome and comfortable. This was reflected in the outcomes of the shoot!

Peter went above and beyond to ensure the images were perfect and fit for purpose.

Whether your pet has fur, feathers or fins, I would not hesitate to recommend Tame & Wild Studio to anyone looking to capture amazing images !


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