It’s no secret that at Tame & Wild, we love all creatures, great and small. which is why we have combined our passion for photography and art with our interest in animal welfare. We are fortunate to be in a position to support people and organisations who are working to care for animals in need.

Philanthropy is a core value at Tame & Wild, which is why we are very proud to be actively involved with the following not-for-profit organisations.

Part proceeds from all shop sales are donated to Sydney Dogs & Cats Home, Sydney Wildlife Rescue & Wild2Free Kangaroo Sanctuary.

Sydney Dogs & Cats Home


Opening its doors to over 3000 lost, abandoned and neglected pets each year, Sydney Dogs & Cats Home is Sydney’s only charity pound. The Home services 8 Councils, more than 1.1 million Sydneysiders and prides itself on never placing a time limit on any animal awaiting adoption.

Sydney Dogs & Cats Home also supports the community through a range of programs aimed at bringing together people and animals in need.

Our partnership with Sydney Dogs & Cats Home began in 2017 when once a week Peter would take photos of the residents. Every animal awaiting adoption has its moment in the spotlight, and then the images are attached to their personal profiles on the website. It’s hard work, but it’s worth it knowing that, by capturing an animal’s personality in their photo, we are helping give them a second chance at life.

We have worked with the Sydney Dogs & Cats Home team on a number of projects and Peter is very proud to be an Ambassador for the organisation.

In 2019 Peter was encouraged by the member body to join its Board, and in January 2020 he was elected as President of the Board of Directors for the Home. 

"Peter’s care and love of animals is just as outstanding as his photographs of them. His photographs play an important part in getting the animals at Sydney Dogs and Cats Home into their new forever homes. Peter always ensures that the animals have a positive experience and has an incredible amount of patience. Highly recommended"

Jess | Sydney Dogs & Cats Home


Sydney Wildlife Rescue is an entirely voluntary organisation dedicated to caring for sick, injured and orphaned native wildlife.

Operating from across the Greater Sydney Metropolitan area, Sydney Wildlife also runs education programs to teach the community about our local wildlife and their habitat.

The charity has recently been successful in raising enough funds to start a brand new mobile wildlife clinic, which will be critical in furthering its ability to provide urgent assistance to native wildlife needing care. We are proud to have supported their fundraising efforts and have photos we have captured of animals in their care displayed all over the mobile vet clinic.

We are very fortunate to meet some of the adorable critters in the care of dedicated volunteers, and through our photos, capture the progress of these species from rescue to rehabilitation.

These images not only help Sydney Wildlife with their documentation, but they also support the organisation tell its stories.

Selling prints and artworks of images at fundraisers means we can help Sydney Wildlife by passing on the proceeds, as well as encouraging others to take home something special – a constant reminder of our magnificent native wildlife and why it’s so important they are protected.

Sydney Wildlife Rescue
Wild2Free Kangaroo Sanctuary


Rae Harvey lives and breathes this organisation. She rescues, rehabilitates and releases injured and orphaned wildlife, with a special focus on Kangaroos.

Based in Mogo State Forest on the NSW South Coast, Rae provides round-the-clock care for rescued joeys, bringing them to health until they are ready to be released back to the safe environment surrounding the Wild2Free home.

Peter loves travelling down to this gorgeous spot and spending time with the Kangaroos…and the humans there, too, of course!

It’s wonderful to have time to find each Kangaroo’s personality through the lens and help Rae document their work through imagery and video.

Peter’s work (though he often just feels like a lot of fun) helps Wild2Free fundraise and educate the community about this iconic Australian species.

In 2021 Peter joined the Wild2Free Board of Directors.

Part proceeds from ALL shop sales are DONATED to the above organisations