Spoodle Dog Guide: Traits, Care, and Health Insights

Ever found yourself wondering what makes a spoodle dog breed so darn irresistible to pet enthusiasts all around the globe? It's not just their adorable looks; these designer dogs bring together the best qualities of cocker spaniels and poodles into one bundle of joy. With an intelligent demeanor and loving nature that fits perfectly in family settings or as loyal companions for singles, understanding what makes them tick is essential for any potential or current owner.

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Understanding the Spoodle Dog Breed

The Origin and Popularity of Spoodles

The spoodle dog breed has been around since the 1960s, when they were first bred in the US as designer dogs. The Cockapoo, a deliberate hybrid of the Poodle and Cocker Spaniel, pioneered the trend among designed crossbreeds in Australia.

Commonly referred to as the Spoodle, this charming canine is renowned for its captivating appearance and heartwarming demeanor. In Australia, Spoodles are celebrated for their minimal to non-existent shedding coats, which remarkably lack the typical odour associated with dogs.

Characteristics That Make the Spoodle Dog Ideal Family Pets

Spoodles exhibit a delightful blend of the Cocker Spaniel's amiable nature and the Poodle's intellect, resulting in a vivacious canine characterised by loyalty, energy, playfulness, and affection. This hybrid breed embodies the commendable qualities of its progenitors.

They are gentle and affectionate, and are known for being good with children and other pets. This sociable breed is becoming increasingly popular as family pets due to their friendly and outgoing nature.

Physical and Temperamental Traits of a Spoodle Dog

Key Physical Features of Spoodles

The Spoodle is a gentle, intelligent dog breed that belongs to the poodle-mix classification, like the Cavoodle and Labradoodle. The breed is a mix between the Miniature Poodle and Cocker Spaniel and was first bred in the USA in the 1960s.

The spoodle is an adorable dog breed. Honestly, it's hard to resist these puppies; they're just so cuddly and look exactly like little teddy bears brought to life. Their physical appearance can vary between individual dogs, depending on what their parents' fur is like.

Behavioural Traits and Energy Levels

Spoodles are characterised by their high energy levels, necessitating regular engagement in playful activities and daily excursions for walks or runs. Such routines not only contribute to their optimal health but also effectively manage their abundant vitality.

Spoodles exhibit low aggression and high energy, harmonising seamlessly with individuals of all ages, including children and seniors, as well as other pets. Characterised by a joyful and assured temperament, these endearing dogs are notably intelligent. This intelligence underpins their remarkable trainability, making them exceptionally adaptable companions.

Health Considerations for the Spoodle Dog

Common Health Concerns in Spoodles

Spoodles, being a mixed breed, possess varied genetics. This diversity reduces their risk of genetic diseases, especially when responsibly bred by breeders who conduct genetic testing on the parent dogs.

However, some common health issues that can appear in Spoodles are PRA (Progressive Rod Cone degeneration of the eyes), Degenerative Myelopathy, hip dysplasia, luxating patella, ear infections, and liver disease like Copper Toxicosis and Chronic Active Hepatitis. It's important to be aware of these predisposed genetic diseases.

Preventative Measures for a Healthy Life

Despite some potential health concerns, Spoodles tend to be very long lived dogs and generally possess good health. A daily walk and frequent visits to a dog park can help relieve this dog's high energy levels.

Spoodles can be prone to weight gain so it is important to feed them a balanced diet with limited treats and to exercise them regularly. Investing in pet insurance and regular grooming can also help keep your Spoodle dog healthy and happy.

Grooming and Care Essentials for Your Spoodle Dog

Grooming Routine Tips

Like all oodle dog breeds, spoodles require regular grooming. Their coat is non-shedding, but owners will need to take their Spoodle to a professional once every six weeks.

Spoodles often inherit long ears from their lineage, with a predisposition for internal fur growth reminiscent of Poodles. This trait can increase their susceptibility to ear infections and accumulation of dirt. It is imperative to regularly inspect your Spoodle's ears for any unpleasant odours or debris, meticulously plucking any internal fur and conducting necessary cleanings to maintain optimal ear health.

Managing Tear Stains and Ear Care

Regularly inspect your Spoodle's eyes for tear stains. Should you observe any issues, promptly consult with your veterinarian to ensure the well-being of your pet.

If you suspect your spoodle's ears has an infection take your Spoodle to the veterinarian for advice on treatment. Taking good care of your ears and keeping them clean is super important if you want to steer clear of those nasty, painful ear infections.

Training and Exercise Needs of a Spoodle

Effective Training Techniques for Intelligent Dogs like Spoodles

Spoodles are easily trained and very social animals. They are eager to please and highly trainable dogs. Training and exercising spoodles involves providing plenty of mental stimulation to prevent boredom.

Spoodles are hyperactive which makes them perfect for people who love to exercise. Puzzle toys, games, and trick training are great ways to keep their active minds engaged. Positive reinforcement techniques work best with this sensitive breed.

Importance of Daily Exercise

The Spoodle Dog, a breed characterised by its high energy levels, thrives on engaging in various activities. Enthusiastic about playtime and daily excursions, these dogs benefit greatly from regular walks and runs, ensuring optimal health while effectively managing their abundant energy.

Given their diminutive stature, these dogs are well-suited for apartment living. However, they require consistent exercise, engagement, and mental stimulation to avert feelings of isolation and ennui. Regular walks and frequent outings to dog parks are essential to manage their considerable energy levels efficiently.

Finding a Reputable Spoodle Dog Breeder

What to Look for in a Breeder

When looking for a spoodle dog breeder, your options are to adopt from a rescue, buy from a reputable breeder, or get one from an online marketplace or pet store (NOT recommended). Never purchase a puppy without inspecting the breeder's premises and asking the 10 Breeder Checklist Questions first.

Good breeders socialise their dogs, house them humane living environments, allow you to inspect these conditions and selectively breed good temperaments and healthy traits. Google for SPOODLE BREEDERS NSW, SPOODLE BREEDERS ACT, SPOODLE BREEDERS VIC, SPOODLE BREEDERS QLD, SPOODLE BREEDERS SA, SPOODLE BREEDERS TAS, SPOODLE BREEDERS WA, or SPOODLE BREEDERS NT that genetically test their dogs for coat traits and quality.

Key Takeaway: 

Spoodles, a blend of Poodle and Cocker Spaniel, are known for their friendly nature, intelligence, and low-shedding coats. They make great family pets due to their affectionate temperament and adaptability but require regular grooming and exercise. Be mindful of common health issues by choosing a reputable breeder.


As we close the book on our spoodle dog adventure, it's obvious they bring a lot more to the table than just their adorable looks. They are bright sparks wrapped in fur – always ready to love and be loved. From their high energy levels demanding daily walks to those long ears needing regular checks for infections, caring for them might seem like a task but believe me when I say it’s worth every moment.

Remembering those health tips will go far in ensuring your furry friend leads a happy life by your side. So here we are at the end - you now know what it takes to make sure your spoodle thrives. Keep those tails wagging!