Professional portraits deserve to be displayed as beautiful artwork in your home.

I don’t know about you, but we believe that if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing properly!

So that’s why Tame & Wild has sourced a range of products made right here in Australia that will turn the character of your precious pet into the coolest artwork for your home.


If you love your pet and really want to show off their pawsomeness, then our range of ready-to-hang wall art is definitely for you!

Framed Fine Art Prints

Classic and timeless, our range of fine art prints are custom-framed and ready to hang. Any size you like but a giraffe is not included    

Canvas Wall Art

Perfect for lazing about in sunny and bright spots around your home, our canvas prints don’t reflect light and look fantastic as a large feature artwork in your home.

Acrylic Glass Wall Art

Modern, minimal, and sleek with a stunning glossy finish, this is an artwork that has serious visual impact and will wow the collar off anyone who sees it!

And, they play great together in a pack like these guys! 🐶 ➡️

Award Winning Sydney Animal & Pet Fine Art Photography

Aluminium Wall Art

Super popular for renters because they are so easy to hang, these modern and durable pieces of fine art are a stand-out way to showcase bright and vibrant images.

Compact | 8×12″ | 10×10″ | $550
Standard | 12×18″ | 16×16″ | $795
Signature | 16×24″ | 20×20″ | $1150
Feature | 20×30″ | $1795
Statement | 24×36″ | $2295

*Larger sizes available on request

Framed Fine Art Print Collections

For the pets with multiple personalities who demand more attention, why not showcase a collection of your favourite images designed to tell a story.

These are the perfect statement piece to make your friends and your pet’s friends jealous!

Standard | Three Image Collection | $1295
Signature | Four Image Collection | $1650
Statement | Nine Image Collection | $2995

Award Winning Sydney Animal & Pet Fine Art Photography
Award Winning Sydney Animal & Pet Fine Art Photography


Because your furry, feathered or scaly family member deserves the best, our fine art print is made using extremely high-quality, fine art paper ensuring it will last a lifetime. 

The fine art gift print is 6×8” in size, mounted in a 10×8″ matt, and is ready-to-frame.

It is perfect for desks, bookshelves, and mantlepieces. All you have to do is make sure you don’t let your pet chew them 🤣.



Way more chew-proof than the fine art print, these are perfect for smaller spaces, such as desks, entertainment units, and bedside tables.

Acrylic blocks are a stylish and contemporary way to display your favourite portraits. This is a popular gift idea for cool peeps!

Mini | 4×4″ | $195
Compact | 6×4″ | $275
Signature | 6×9″ | 8×8″ | $450
Statement | 8×12″ | 6×12″ | $550

Award Winning Sydney Animal & Pet Fine Art Photography
Award Winning Sydney Animal & Pet Fine Art Photography


Sometimes people just want files and we are cool with that.

Supplied, both ready to print and optimised for social media, they come in these three packages:

Small | 5 Images | $895
Medium | 10 Images | $1495
Large | 30 Images | $2795

Because we value the tangible beauty of printed artwork so much, each digital collection includes small fine art reference prints as our gift to you.

* Obviously, digital files are licensed for personal use only and cannot be on-sold or used for commercial purposes….Duh!


Our custom greeting cards are printed on beautiful fine art textured card and are simply gorgeous. You get to choose your favourite image and you also have the option of printing a message on the front as well as inside of the card.

They are guaranteed to put a smile on the face of the lucky recipient!

Small | 20 Cards | $6.95 each
Medium | 50 Cards | $5.95 each
Large | 100 Cards | $4.95 each

Award Winning Sydney Animal & Pet Fine Art Photography
Award Winning Sydney Animal & Pet Fine Art Photography



Because working at your desk should be fun, the Desk Collection includes three medium acrylic blocks, two gift prints, and digital files.

$1395 | save $255


Two is company, but three is much more fun!

The Wall Collection includes three medium ready-to-hang wall art, a small acrylic block, two gift prints, and digital files.

$2295 | save $655


This option ticks all the boxes!

The Ultimate Collection includes a large pet album, large ready-to-hang wall art, a medium acrylic block, and digital files.

$3495 | save $890

I received a photography session for my dog Smoki as a gift. Peter made the experience so unique and really eased us into the process. He made sure to take time to make a genuine connection with my dog, which was very meaningful to me.

Besides this, the pictures turned out absolutely stunning!

Peter did not pressure us into buying further photos but worked around our budget. He also keeps all the photos digitally, so that we can come back if we would like to expand our photos.

It was definitely a one of a kind experience and something I would have to recommend to those people who love their animals as much as me! 

Andrea | Smoki

Smoki, the Moodle

Peter at Tame & Wild Studio is the best!

You can see his love for animals the second you step foot in his Studio. I had the best time taking my little Italian Greyhound puppy for a shoot, we laughed so much and the photos were phenomenal!

Peter doesn’t make you feel pressured to buy anything or threaten with ”deleting photos” like some places do which makes the process so relaxing!

I purchased the coffee table book and some small prints (this came with digital copies) Loved it & will be back for sure.

Thanks, Peter!

Sarah | Juniper

Juniper the Italian Greyhound

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not have a minimum spend and no pressure is placed on you to spend more than you are able – we are happy to work within your budget and preferences 

We love animals as much as you do which means that we won’t be actively deleting the images we capture of your pet.

Because we want to ensure you have a great experience from start to finish we will not be employing sales techniques that make you or your pets feel uncomfortable.

At your purchasing session, there are two payment options available to you:   

FULL UPFRONT PAYMENT – pay in full on the day of the Viewing & Purchasing Session; 

INTEREST-FREE LAYBY PAYMENT PLAN - a flexible layby payment plan is also available and facilitated through GoCardless. You can choose a payment amount and frequency that suits you, and we will store your order until the payment plan has been completed.

You don't need to spend any more than the cost of the Pet Portrait Experience.

To answer your question, on average, clients spend $1500 however there is absolutely no pressure placed on you to spend more than you are able and because we dont actively delete the photos we capture you can come back to us anytime to purchase.


We don't actively delete the photos, which means we have a process in place so that your images are stored for future purchases.

Yes, you can. We will happily work with you to create a package that works within your budget and preferences.

We recommend that you take some time to look around your home and consider which wall space or spaces you might like to display artwork of your pet.

After the Photography Session you will be given a 'Homework Package' whcih includes a Product Guide, Pricelist, Tape Measure and a blue piece of paper

You use the blue paper so that we are able to show you what the artwork will look like mounted on your wall during the Viewing and Purchasing Session.

All you need to do is:

1. Blu-tac this piece of paper to the wall (or walls) you have in mind.

2. Stand back and take a photo of the whole wall, including this piece of paper, on your phone.

3. Email the photos through to us.

Chloe, the Bull Mastiff x French Bulldog